On Wilderness and Human Psychology

Rewilding the Unconscious*


 This is a conference I organized in 2022. It speaks to my love of the wilderness and how the wilderness of the natural world and the wilderness of the human person, particularly the unconscious, reverberate with each other.

Sharon Blackie*


 As an undergrad student just discovering the discipline of psychology, I was most lit up by story. In fact, I agonized over whether to become a literature major or a psychology major. I found that I learned just as much about the mystery of being human from stories as I did from psychological texts. To me, one of the most powerful things therapy can offer a person is the chance to rewrite their story. How our personal story interweaves with the larger stories of the world, the stories of others, and the stories across generations enriches our life and helps us create meaning.

 I admire the psychologist Sharon Blackie for how she emphasizes the interweaving of myth and human psychology, particularly in the context of the “more than human world” (phrase coined by Robin Wall Kimmerer)

 Climate Psychology Alliance*


 I’m a member of Climate Psychology Alliance, and believe the discipline and practice of psychology has sorely neglected the psychological factors and  implications of the environmental crisis.

 Rene Lertzman*


 Rene has done fascinating research on the psychological factors and dissonance related to climate change. I highly recommend her work if you are curious.

*The work of these individuals and organizations inspire my own. Please note that I cannot endorse everything they say or everything included on their website. Nor do I agree with all of their words. Nevertheless, their work sustains my own. I am a member of New Directions and Climate Psychology Alliance, but have no affiliation with the other individuals. I have included their websites as a way of giving credit to their ideas and paying tribute to their influence on me.

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