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I am a licensed doctoral level psychologist in Vermont since April 2014. In February 2023 I became licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts. In August 2012, I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from George Fox University. I received my Master’s in Clinical Psychology (MA) from George Fox University in May 2009. I was also employed as a Postdoctoral Clinical Fellow at Norwich University Counseling Center until August 14, 2014. My additional training experiences have taken place at Norwich University Counseling Center in Northfield, VT as an intern from August 2011- August 2012, at Evergreen Clinic in Portland, OR, the Portland DBT Center, Willamette Family Medical Center in Salem, OR, and Oregon State University Counseling Center. After earning my doctorate, I also worked as a Mobile Crisis Clinician at the Howard Center in Burlington, VT, and as a Clinician at Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services. In 2023 I completed certification as a Dialogue Therapist from the Institute for Dialogue Therapy. Dialogue Therapy is a form of Couples Therapy. A complete CV is available upon request.

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