On My Relationship to Psychoanalysis

On My Relationship to Psychoanalysis*

My approach to psychotherapy most closely aligns with a contemporary psychoanalytic approach. The thinking of Freud has evolved over the ages, and ever so slowly, psychoanalysis is beginning to become more socially conscious. I have included links to parapraxis, an online publication dedicated to a psychoanalysis that is evolving and more socially aware, as well as an interesting recent article on the New York Times.



 I’ve also included a link to This Jungian Life Podcast, as a nod to my value on Jung’s ideas, particularly as relates to myth and the collective unconscious. What I love about Jung is his emphasis on how psychology is about something so much bigger than an individual self, and his integration of myth with psychology. I think it is so important that our individual narratives connect to a larger story.


*The work of these individuals and organizations inspire my own. Please note that I cannot endorse everything they say or everything included on their website. Nor do I agree with all of their words. Nevertheless, their work sustains my own. I am a member of New Directions and Climate Psychology Alliance, but have no affiliation with the other individuals. I have included their websites as a way of giving credit to their ideas and paying tribute to their influence on me.

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